Remote Lightning 3-Way RPS

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What is this?
An email version of Roshambo, or Rock Paper Scissors. It's playable with two or three people. Lightning rounds, not best of three, but play does continue until the end criterion (one winner or one loser) is met.

Why did you do this?
Because I need it to find out who drives for lunch.

Why distinguish between playing until there's one loser and playing until there's one winner?
That's just for games with three players, where you could conceivably have two losers. It's to accomodate negative objectives. Sometimes you only need one loser, like "who has to drive."

Give me an example of how a one loser challenge might go.
That's not a question. But sure. Imagine Harpo issues a challenge to Chico and Zeppo challenging them to see who has to take out the garbage. If he beats both Chico and Zeppo in the first round, a playoff will have to occur between Chico and Zeppo.

Harpo Chico Zeppo
Round 1 Rock Scissors Scissors
Round 2 <Pass> Scissors Paper
Aww, Zeppo has to take out the trash. Or, even worse for Zeppo, he could have lost to both at once like so:
Harpo Chico Zeppo
Round 1 Paper Paper Rock

Someone never got their challenge email from this site. Why?
Whoever didn't get their email probably had their spam filter accidentally block the message. They'll need allow email from to accept future challenges.

I'm concerned about giving out my email address.
I won't give any email addresses to anybody. The email addresses don't appear on the web pages or even in the email (except for the header). That's why you fill in the name field.

I'm still concerned about my email address. Recommend any anonymous email accounts?
Try the Mailinator. It's perfect for this kind of application.